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Want to remedy those aches and pains?

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Whether you are rehabilitating after a sports injury or are suffering from a painful back, your diagnosis will allow us to set up a treatment plan for the best path to alleviating your symptoms.


Results may be immediate; however, sometimes healing takes a little longer. Physiotherapy techniques aim to get your joints moving and muscles activating optimally to relieve pain and stiffness.


With proper treatment and guidance, you will find activities easier and importantly you will have trained your body to avoid further injury.

Effective treatments for aches and pains

If you're still suffering from an older injury or have painful joints, we will assess the cause and start treating it immediately.


Using a wide range of proven techniques, we will work together to return your body to physical fitness and help to avoid future injuries. Your physiotherapy is entirely tailored to you, and may involve any of the following treatments:


-  Joint mobilisation

Gently moving your limbs or muscles in a way that will help increase your range of movement and ease the aches and strains.


-  Joint retracking

Rebalancing and reprogramming muscles so that your joints work smoothly and in the correct, pain-free pattern.


-  Ultrasound therapy

Reduces inflammation and can ease muscle spasms by treating your tissues at a cellular level.


-  New! - Laser / Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT)

Research shows especially good results for rheumatoid arthritis and also nerve damage; helps to reduce scar tissue


-  Acupuncture

Insertion of very fine needles to help stimulate endorphin production throughout your nervous system, relieving localised pains.


-  Massage

Manually working your muscles to relieve the symptoms of stress, pain and swelling and promote musculoskeletal mobility and respiratory function.

Older injuries and painful joints

How will physiotherapy help me on the road to recovery?

With a range of physio treatments available, we will tailor your therapy specifically to you.

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