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Uneven postures such as turning your head to one side for extended periods can lead to muscular dysfunction in your neck. The muscles may become stronger in one side than the other and this can cause muscle tightness, nerve compression and tension headaches.


As with your back, your neck is made of many individual joints, ligaments and bones that when strained or damaged will cause you pain. Don't suffer in silence, tell your physio to get the correct treatment.

Treatments for headache and neck pains

If you have neck issues, simply try improving your posture. You may not realise it but your muscles and ligaments could be under tiny stresses all day which could be causing you pain.


Try gentle heat and massage. Your muscles may be too tight from stress; loosen them up to alleviate stiffness and soreness.


If symptoms persist, please contact us for further advice.

Some simple techniques

Experiencing head or neck pain?

Learn more about the causes of head and neck pain and what you can do to alleviate it.

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