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Your spine is, in essence, a series of shock absorbers running through your entire torso. You may suffer from a painful back through repetitive strain or injury to the joints, ligaments, muscles or discs.


Likewise, if you spend a lot of time in a sitting position, you may be straining your back without realising. Imperfectly aligned vertebrae (your back bones) can become worn and cause your back to hurt. If you have neck or back issues, simply try improving your posture.  Just by improving the way that you hold your body throughout the day, you could avoid stressing your joints, muscles and ligaments and ease some of your pain.

Treatments for bad backs

Your physio is clinically trained to help loosen your joints, free up muscle stiffness or mobilise your body in a way that will promote healing and increase your freedom of movement.


You could be causing more damage to yourself if you are improperly treating a condition, so always consult a professional. Contact us today for further information or to make an appointment today.

Consult a professional

Experiencing back pain and discomfort?

Learn how you can begin to alleviate pain with a few simple techniques.

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