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If you have neck or back issues, simply try improving your posture.  Although you may not realise it, your muscles and ligaments could be under tiny stresses all day which could be causing you pain.


Try gentle heat and massage. Your muscles may be too tight from stress or overuse.  It may be quite simple to  loosen them up to alleviate stiffness and soreness.


A little exercise can strengthen your muscles and relieve the stresses put on your joints.  However, if this causes any of your symptoms to become worse then cease that exercise and consult your physio.

A little general advice

One-off injuries and sports injuries can cause bruising, swelling and pain.  First use R.I.C.E. :


-  Relative Rest

Stop overusing your injured limbs or joints for a short while.  With a significant injury, this may mean avoiding putting your weight through your leg, and not undertaking normal everyday tasks if painful.


-   Ice

Can be used to prevent excessive swelling and bruising


-  Compression

Use a Tubigrip or similar bandage to prevent unneeded     swelling and offer support to injured tissues


- Elevation

Raise your limb to help prevent excessive swelling


In all cases, be sure to:


Consult your physio


If your symptoms persist, or for professional advice on what you should and shouldn't be doing with your condition, always ring your physiotherapist.  

                           01424 720621

Your physio is clinically trained to help loosen your joints, free up muscle stiffness or mobilise your body in a way that will promote healing and increase your freedom of movement. You could be causing more damage to yourself if you are improperly treating a condition, so consult a professional.

For joint injuries use the "R.I.C.E." system

Alleviating general aches and pains

Do not try to move if it causes you excessive pain, you may be doing more harm than good. However, for smaller ailments a little mobility goes a long way.

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